EXPO-2017 ASTANA: Future Energy
In November 2012, Astana was chosen as a venue for the International Specialized EXPO-2017. It is the 67th International Expo since 1851. As of today, 95 countries and 17 international organizations have confirmed their participation.

Future Energy was chosen as the Expo's theme to establish a social and economic legacy and develop the world's feeling of responsibility with regard to global energy challenges. National pavilion and four thematic pavilions devoted to various aspect of the Future Energy will be positioned on 25 hectares of the Expo area.
In the Expo's scope, events for promotion of the following EXPO-2017 sub-themes will be organized: "CO2 Emission Reduction", "Energy Efficiency", and "Energy for All".

Kazakhstan's National Pavilion presents an alternative outlook the country on transition from natural resources' utilization model to the new "green economy" model.

With its 5000 square meters of floorspace, Kazakhstan's Pavilion is a showcase of the country's soul. It turns a regular visitor into a traveler in a metaphorical journey, which perfectly reflects the "Future Energy for the People" vision. The National Pavilion's mission is to unlock the potential of Kazakhstan and its people.
Four thematic pavilions are key to the Expo's subject:

World of Energy represents energy as a phenomenon. Scientific experiments will demonstrate possible sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Energy for the Future highlights energy conservation and efficiency concepts. A separate exhibition is devoted to practical applications of a Smart City concept.

Energy for All showcases energy access mechanisms that people of the earth can use, as well as energy markets' globalization research results.

My Future Energy accentuates everyone's personal responsibility for efficient and economic use of the planet's energy.
In 2017, Astana will turn into the world's largest performance venue. The EXPO will unveil as an unforgettable event for every visitor. Over the Expo's 90 days, Astana will host more than 3000 shows and events with major stars of the global music, culture and education.

Tickets are available since 10 June 2016, one year before the International Specialized EXPO-2017. Visit Kazakhstan in 2017 and become a guest of the World EXPO-2017!