The 27th WSCTS Annual Congress and Exhibition will take place from the 1st – 3rd September, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. 1500 participants will come from over 50 participating countries. For maximum brand positioning we are delighted to offer numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Ensure your company stands out at this huge event, which will be attended by the industry specialists and key stakeholders.

According to the decision of the Board of Directors dated November 11, 2016 No. 7, Corporate Fund "Heart Center" was established by the JSC National Research Center for Cardiac Surgery (reference / certificate of the state registration dated December 9, 2016). Subjects of the Corporate Fund "Heart Center" activites are:

  • Attracting funds (voluntary donations, sponsorship, grants: state orders, etc.) from individuals and legal entities, public and other organizations, including foreign ones, for the implementation and achievement of the Fund's objectives. Organization of the said event of international importance.
  • Participation in the preparation and holding of international forums on the development of the medical industry in the field of cardiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery and related profiles.
  • According to the statutory goals of the Corporate Fund "Heart Center" acts as Co-organizer of the 27th Congress of the World Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons and conducts relevant work on its organization, including attracting sponsors.

Certificate of state registration

We have already supported:
The exhibition is an integral part of WSCTS2017 and all registered participants will have the opportunity to attend the exposition and interact with experts on medical innovations. The exhibition will be held in the Palace of Independence, not far from the venue of EXPO-2017.